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   What is a commodity??
   What is a Derivative contract & what is Commodity future?
   What is a forward contract?
   What is a futures contract?
   How are futures prices determined?
   What is long position?
   What is short position?
   What is the difference between spot market and futures market?
   What is a Commodity Exchange?
  Who regulates the commodity exchanges in India?
   What are the benefits of futures trading in commodities?
   What is hedging?
   What is arbitrage in commodity markets?
  What are warehouse receipts?
  Is an ISIN number also allotted to commodity like in equities?
  Unlike equities where rate is per share basis, does the commodities market have different rate units for       different commodities?
  What is a lot Size? Do the trading & delivery lot sizes differ from each other?
  What are the various elements in cost-of-carry for a commodity?
   What is Cash Settlement?
  Are there any circuit breakers in commodities like in equity markets?
  Can I take delivery of the commodity? If yes, how can I do the same?
  What are the costs involved in trading of commodities?